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Why is it that some MSBs get bank accounts and others get rejected? Request the white paper: Bank Money Service Business (MSB) Guidance.

The US investor EB-5 visa is your expedited path to US citizenship. Build your business in the U.S. using investments at home, and also profit from U.S. permanent residence.
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Money Services Business owners, managers, supervisors and directors are in increasing need of quality anti money laundering attorney advice to avoid criticism and trouble. Augmented by the USA PATRIOT Act, Bank Secrecy Act penalties have longer reach. BSA anti money laundering compliance is the shield that brings peace of mind. AbdulJaami, PLLC is an anti money laundering compliance law firm for money service businesses. The firm's practice includes advising money service businesses in structuring operations and interacting with federal and state regulators.

With a focus on money transmitters, check cashers, dealers in foreign exchange, and issuers, sellers or redeemers of prepaid access and stored value, AbdulJaami, PLLC provides clients with good legal solutions, executed efficiently and in a timely manner. Our legal advice helps you from before the filing of FinCEN Form 107 through anti money laundering compliance and procedures. Providing transactional advice centered on MSB growth, AbdulJaami, PLLC is an anti money laundering law firm for money services businesses and those who benefit from them.

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An anti money laundering attorney will help you manage risk, avoid loss of money and avoid loss of freedom. Anti money laundering compliance legal advice geared towards avoiding examinations, or decreasing their scope and pain, benefits you. A compliance law firm can be particularly helpful to you as you grow your money services business; BSA regulations require each MSB to implement a custom made AML compliance program. Click here to learn about Money Service Business Compliance. Call us to learn more about anti money laundering compliance. We will have a knowledgeable BSA AML compliance attorney help you.
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Our corporate law practice focuses on business structuring and consulting, U.S. business entity formation, and shareholder and partner agreements. We assist with US investor EB5 visa business acquisitions. Contact us for help setting up your creditor remote personal holding company.
In our commercial law practice, we assist with equity financings. Whether the financing is structured as a general partnership, limited partnership, corporation, or joint venture, we help you limit personal liability, take advantage of tax benefits if applicable, and maintain maximum control. Foreign investors may be able to take advantage of the US investor EB5 visa to form investor syndications that simultaneously resolve residency and domicile issues.
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Money service businesses subject to strict anti money laundering requirements must go beyond the filing of FinCEN Form 107...

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