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Something You Probably Didn’t Know About NY Sole Proprietorships

95% of Owners of Sole Proprietorships in NYC are Totally Exposed to Third Party Liability and Customer Lawsuits. The bad news is that sole proprietorship bankruptcies are not “business” bankruptcies, so sole proprietorship bankruptcies are not counted. A 2014 SBA “Frequently Asked Questions” about small business found that “many business owners file personal bankruptcy instead of business bankruptcy.”

The good news is that business bankruptcies are decreasing. In its “New York Small Business Profile” the SBA notes, “Business bankruptcies declined in net from 2010 to 2013, signaling a stronger state economy.” The ugly news is that we don't know how many sole proprietorships just shrivel up and blow away. The SBA mentions, “Nonemployer firms [mostly sole proprietorships] have turnover rates three times as high as employer firms, mostly because it is easier for nonemployers to start and stop...”

I outline three difficult situations owners of sole proprietorships in NYC struggle with, and then tell you about a FREE report that gives you a recommended course of action and an affordable self-help solution.

Three Things You Should Look For When Creating a Sole Proprietorship in NYC

A customer lawsuit or employee theft could result in sudden, catastrophic, loss of business. Many sole proprietorships in NYC don't survive these types of events...Neither do their owners (see above)! One of the secrets of serial entrepreneurs is that they build a legal barrier between their personal assets and their business assets. So if it happens, they can pick up and move to the next venture. Your Free report shows you how to create a sole proprietorship structure that helps you maintain control of threatening situations.
Due to the complicated, fast-moving environment, many sole proprietorships in NYC have reduced time to perform. Trouble collecting money owed makes the situation even worse. When they go to raise much needed capital, owners find that their sole proprietorship documents get in the way and cause deadly delay. Click for your Free report that outlines a business solution that gets around a sole proprietorship's limited ability to raise money.
The more successful you are, the more employees you add, the greater the devastation to your personal balance sheet–or personal tax situation—when something goes wrong. Ultimately, both the business and you yourself go down. That's why sole proprietorships in NYC face a much harder time growing. Potential partners do not want to share this risk, which is too horrific for comfort. Your Free report lays out how to create a sole proprietorship that grows with you from zero to IPO.
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95% of Owners in NYC are...

Totally Exposed to Liability and Lawsuits
A recommended course of action allows you to avoid the three lethal problems. Learn how to bulletproof your sole proprietorship, and take steps to get results now.
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