• Protect Yourself with your own Agreement

    Protect Yourself with your own Agreement

    Negotiating Software Distribution and Use? Call Now for a Custom Agreement before Licensing Disputes or Payment Trouble. (212) 658-1752

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Free Lawyer Consultation

Software License Contract Agreement Protections

Don’t let limited resources stand in the way of a good software license agreement. If you’ve developed valuable software and are ready to negotiate and close deals, or are already signing contracts, get your Free Lawyer Consultation with a business lawyer Now. Flawed contracts leave you open to painful, drawn-out negotiations, nasty back-and-forths with customers and partners, or trouble getting paid. And you won’t find out until it’s too late.

Software license agreement disputes cause concern about contract flaws. Will you be able to control the distribution and use of the software, possibly including source code? Who owns the intellectual property – trade secrets, patents, and copyrights? What about the rights, should they be exclusive, non-exclusive, or sole rights in the software? Whether you’re looking for a review of your current software license agreement, or a custom software license agreement, start with a Free Lawyer Consultation.

Get Ready for Your Software License Free Lawyer Consultation

To make the most of your software license agreement free consultation lawyer call, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the other side have the authority to sign your software license agreement and bind the correct party(ies)?
  • What about the underlying intellectual property (trade secret, patent, copyright), is it legally secured or could someone make an issue about validity now or after-the-fact?
  • Limitations on use – what will be the scope of the field of use, geographic scope, and/or distribution channels?
  • Could the other party raise issues down the road that prevent you from enforcing your software license agreement?

Give the above questions five minutes of thought then make the call and talk it out.

Software License

Your Software License Agreement

Ownership of Underlying Rights
You’ve invested so much time and effort and now its time to monetize. A software license agreement that clearly lays out the rights of use and ownership keeps you on top of the game. Limited resources do not prevent you from negotiating and signing good contracts. But flaws could leave you open to liability in unforeseen circumstances. Unscrupulous parties could disassemble or transfer code due to slipshod coverage. And payments may be delayed. Call now for your free lawyer consultation. (212) 658-1752.

Free Lawyer Consultation

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